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Varsity and JV/Freshman Spring Schedules

The Spring 2023 tournament schedules have been posted to the website. Check the Schedule page to view, download and save the PDF version for your team.

Payment for the uniforms.

Scan the QR Code to access the PayPal link for the Uniform Fee - $100

or click the link below.

Join the Booster Club

Scan the QR Code to access the PayPal link for Booster Club Dues - $120

The purpose of the Booster Club:

1. Fundraising for and purchasing property and services to be used by the students and faculty of The Woodlands College Park High School.

2. Providing volunteers for tennis, charitable, civic and educational activities at TWCPHS and in the community.


Coach Klein will be using sportsYou to communicate with parents and players for the 2022-2023 school year. Please download the sportsYou app.

The following are the team codes:

Varsity Team: D6DTLAFD

Varsity Parents: E8AALYWY


JV Parents: RZAURHZ2

Freshman/Sophomore: 3HMDGNQD

Freshman/Sophomore Parents: P44HN7R7